My Raspberry Pi Screen has shipped

Apparently the delivery times for the new Raspberrry Pi 7″ Touch Screen wasn’t as bad as they thought, because yesterday I got an e-mail with a tracking number and it’s currently on it’s way to Sweden. But the estimated delivery date is September 30th, so it’s still a few days away.

While waiting I’ll be preparing a build of a base OS + Qt5 using the Yocto Project. Some of my colleagues has created an awesome tool called QmlLive which will make it really nice to work Qt5/Qml on the Pi. Using QmlLive I can edit the Qml code on my PC, and as soon as I press save it will automatically update and reload on the Pi so I can see and test my changes.

When I have something up-and-running  I’m going to write up a post about how to build this and get started hacking Qml using QmlLive.

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